Surroundings and History

Most impressive for the visitor of La Palma is the difference between drought in southern and abundant moisture in the Northeast. It is thanks to this moisture that small farmers can survive in the increasingly competitive market, and you can enjoy it. Go to look at the fertile fields, potatoes (potatoes) the harvest in three annual crops, All year we have our own garden vegetables, not only for us but also for you, eodo exported because the world. Delpaís fruit also never lack. They are bananas that ripen throughout the year and the Canary banana is not any bananas. Oranges just missing the summer months, but at this time we eat peaches, papaya, plums, vienene then the Suvas, excellent Canarian wines are also gaining international prestige lately, the pears, the first apples, the menu has no end.

ENJOY nature!
breathe hondo, listen and keep your eyes peeled!